Music of Jason Chen

About Jason


“Jason Chen is a bilingual Taiwanese-American singer based on Southern California. He has a musical background in violin and learned the instrument by ear. He began singing at the age of 17 – for the purpose of asking a girl to prom.

Jason graduated from UCLA with a degree in Business Economics in 2010. During college, his dorm mates forced him to put clips of himself singing onto YouTube under his alias “miniachilles” derived from his favorite Greek God – Achilles, portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie Troy. Jason now loves those dorm mates. He continued to post videos of popular cover songs and collaborations with his friends. He has now built his own studio and created a merchandise line for his brand “Music Never Sleeps.”

In 2011, he had the opportunity to perform in Italy, Spain, China, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. He was invited to perform on one of China’s most popular TV Shows “Day Day Up” with fellow singers Megan Nicole and Tiffany Alvord. He also released his first album, “Gravity” lead by the single “Best Friend,” which now has over 7 million views. He is currently working on his second full length English album and a Chinese mix tape 节省钱。”





(A song named Oreo—- Oreo Wonderfilled Massive Musical Mashup )

“Wonder if we gave an Oreo to all the different versions of our song – from rock to soul to a rainy day ditty? Would they all mash up together or would the story change completely?”

Quote From…:)

( Event Picture of Jason on Facebook)


^_____^If you are interested in digging out how fun and awesome his songs are, go ahead and check out his personal website below! Look out, you might run into a lot of OTHER talented singers, song makers…so carry all your ears, and head on the way;)



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